Leather Ankle Strap Workout Cable Machine Foot Attachment Replacement Bands for Glute Kickback Leg Exercise – Padded Ankle Brace Straps for Weight Lifting Pulling Work Out Legs Resistance Fitness

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Enhanced Features:

– High Quality Leather 

– Reinforced Stitching 

– Ultra Endurance Hook and Loop

– Extreme Support

– Tight Locking Hold

Unique Benefits:

– Our ankle straps are made with top quality materials so they never stretch out, break, or tear on you so you can depend on them when you need to the most.

– Our ultra endurance velcro is uniquely designed not to wear out and be able to keep a strong lasting hold.

– The extreme support of our leather ankle straps offers a tight supporting hold so your ankles are completely protected but still flexible enough for comfort and ease of use.

Additional Information:

2 Ankle Cuffs Per Package

Package Comes With A Left Foot and Right Foot Ankle Strap Wrap

Our Promise To You:

We’re so confident in the quality of our ankle straps that if they EVER structurally fail we’ll replace them free of charge for your entire life.

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BUILT TO LAST: our leather weightlifting ankle straps never break, tear, or wear out like inferior ankle brace straps made from cotton and bad stitching. Our ankle wraps are made of premium real leather and reinforced stitching so they never fall apart
STRAPS DON’T WEAR OUT: we always make sure to design all of our dark iron fitness products with our enhanced hook and loop so that it withstands years of use without wearing out so you never have to worry about the hook and loop not working correctly or holding up
DOESN’T HURT WHEN WEARING: we made sure to design our ankle wrap straps to have just the right amount of padding, flexibility, and perfect positioning of D-rings so that the ankle straps don’t dig into your legs, twist your ankle, or hurt your shins when doing leg kickbacks
DOESN’T COME UNDONE WHEN LIFTING HEAVY: since our lifting ankle straps are made from genuine leather and with our extra strength hook and loop so you can be confident that you can lift the weight you want to lift without the ankle attachment strap coming undone mid lift
CUSTOMER HAPPINESS: Our responsive customer service team is fully committed to ensuring you have the best experience possible! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will answer ASAP!


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