Solar Energy – Hope for the future [DVD]

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As long as man has been on earth ,the sun has been a source of wonder and fear as well as a tool to be utilized. Perceived by many as a religious object, the sun has been used to tell time,monitor crops,and as a navigational aid. As early as 215 B.C. Archimedes used primitive solar refectors to burn the Roman fleet attacking Syracuse. The beauty of solar energy is there no political ramifications, it cannnot be hoarded. There are no politution problems or potentiallly hazardois by products, and best of all, the sun is a virtually limitless source of energy. Burt there are problems. Fossell fuels such as oil and coal are concentrated whereas the earth only receives 2 billionths of the suns’s energy. And there is the problem of storage. Progress has been made in the development of potovoltaic panels and batteries but, there are space and weight limitations to be dealt with so we must look to other venues, such as energy satalites that will beam back to earth 24 hours a day. All these factors are covered in depth in this program, as well as taking to viewer through an office that functions almost exclusively on solar power. You will see solar panels, regulators and their gauges, inverters that convert DC current to 129 volt AC, and the batteries that allow storage of the power.


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