Vincos Universal 3/8″&9/16″ 400ml Aluminum Oil Catch Can Dual Cylinder Polish Baffled Engine Air Oil Separator Tank Reservoir Kit with Breather Black Small Drain & High Pressure Hose Line Tube

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Product Description

This item is universal for car, truck, trailer….


Why does my turbo car need an Oil Catch Can?

Exhaust Gas Accumulates on Engine Around,Reduce Engine Power and Increased Fuel Consumption

Blow-by is caused when a combustion in the engine forces fuel, air, and moisture past the piston rings and into the crankcase. From there, the blow-by is released by the crank case vents and back into the intake pipe. This occurs on all engines, but is worse on turbo engines due to the stronger combustion. This excess “gunk” will build up in the intake manifold, coat the intake valves, coldside of the turbo, intercooler, and intercooler chargepipes.

Since Direct Injection style fuel injection moves the injector directly into the combustion chamber, there’s no spray of fuel on the intake valves to keep them clean, so crap accumulates on them.

As a result, the engine power is reduced, which is a big problem. The big problem is that making the valve dirty quickly affects the power and fuel consumption again.

Installation Steps of Vincos Oil Catch Can

1. Put O rings to adapters and attach 2 adapters to the oil catch can.

2. Install a mounting bracket( Bend and drill a piece of aluminum to make a mounting bracket) at a proper position, then install the oil catch can to the bracket.

3. Loosen the hose connected to PCV valve, then attach it to the outlet of the oil catch can with a clamp( if it’s of inappropriate length, cut it or attach a hose to it with an adapter).

4. Put 2 clamps to the ends of a hose and attach it to PCV valve, then cut the hose properly to attach to the inlet of the oil catch can and fasten the clamp.

Attention: Please check the size of adapters and hoses before installation. Please make sure all the junctures are well tightened.

Why Vincos Oil Catch Can – Detail Makes A Difference

save oil

save oil

6061 aluminum

6061 aluminum

Install with Breather

Install with Breather

Installation 2

Installation 2

Material & Function

High quality materia:Vincos Oil Catch Can made of high quality Billet aerospace 6061 aluminum. Anodized black finished. Fullytig welded Keep your engine clean. Increases hosepower. Prolongs Engine Life.

Package includes: 1 x Oil Catch Can (5″ Height x 3.25″ Diameter) 1 x Air Filter 1 x Hose Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 3/8″ & 9/16″ Hose Adapters Accessories as Shown in the Picture (Hose Clamp and Screws)

Details Make a Difference

Breeather Filter: to use as Vented System; Hose Clamp: on filter/breather with Hose Clamp to stop it coming loose with vibration. O-ring Gasket:Thread Come with O-ring Gasket to Prevents oil leakage. Baffles:to cool oil vapor and turn it into a liquid so it can be collected in the base. Dipstick: To Check Fluid Level,no need open the can.

Installation 1: Install with Breather

One More Selection:

There Two Methods of Installation, depends on your car .

You could use Air Filter as vented system.

Installation 2: Install without Breather

One More Selection:

There Two Methods of Installation.

You could leave away the air filter as normal oil catch can. Any way you need.

✔ 【BILLET AEROSPACE 6061 ALUMINUM】Made of High Quality Aluminum for Enhanced Strength and Durability.Recommend this mod to anyone who really cars about long term performance. [Attention: We are having updated NBR 3/8″ black pipe now for stock , however we may had a little previously green crystal pipe stocked in our inventory , so you might be receiving green crystal pipe as same as their qualities ; if you mind , please don’t place an order, thank you for your understanding ]
✔ 【INCREASES HORSEPOWER & PRESERVE ENGINE LIFE & KEEP ENGINE CLEAN】This oil catch tank catch the oil and moisture in the blow-by gas that causes carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and the engine.The catch can will keep out the dirt and oil get inside your engine from your intake system. To keep engine clean , Increases horsepower and Preserve Engine Life ( We have added SS scrub in the can to catch the oil more easier )
✔ 【PREVENTS OIL LEAKAGE】Fully Tig Welded and Thread Come with O-ring Gasket to Prevents oil leakage.
✔ 【2 METHODS OF INSTALLATION】Come with Air Filter,you could use it as Vented System, or you could ignore it.Any way you need.There is also a washable stainless screw on filter/breather with Hose Clamp to stop it coming loose with vibration.
✔ 【REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN】you can actually clean the catch can very easily even without dismounting it, you just need to unscrew the bottom part of the reservoir and you have complete access to clean everything.


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