Wrist Rest for Computer and Laptop Users. Ergonomic Wrist Rest for Keyboard and Mouse. Wrist Wraps Support Wrists and Help Avoiding Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Strain – Rose Red

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UPPO SUPPORTS YOUR WRIST when using a computer and mouse for long periods of time. If you work with a computer, you may have noticed your fingers tingling and feeling numb, your wrist sore, and general pain throughout the hand, wrist, and arm. This can be the beginning of serious conditions like carpal tunnel and repetitive stress disorder.

UPPO ergonomic wrist rest gives your wrist the soft, comforting support it needs to operate properly, heal, and feel better fast. It also keeps you from developing problems that can affect your health later on.

Uses of UPPO wrist support:

  • Keyboard wrist rest
  • Mouse wrist rest
  • Computer wrist rest
  • Gaming wrist rest

DURABLE AND LONG LASTING thanks to premium materials and rugged construction. UPPO wrist wraps feel like a comforting, supportive clouds, yet are made with tough materials that will last and look good for years of use.

DESIGNED IN LATVIA where Nordic lifestyle design has become very popular throughout Europe. UPPO was invented by Liene who graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts with a Masters degree in Functional Design. She is a co-founder of Panonia Group, creators of the UPPO brand and product. 

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Many customers love UPPO so much they return to buy another. This makes a much-appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers.

SOOTHING WRIST REST for keyboard and mouse when using your computer or laptop. UPPO ergonomic wrist rest holds your wrist at just the right angle of not more thn 20 degrees. This ensures that your hand, arm and wrist is supported naturally like when you are walking with your arms at your side.
WRIST SUPPORT PILLOW LIKE WRIST WRAPS are made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) filled with comforting gel bead balls. This massages your wrist while you work. Helps distribute pressure on wrist evenly.
WRIST BRACE THAT PROTECTS FROM CARPAL TUNNEL – the disorder that affects tens of millions but 3 times more women than men. This can cause intense pain, time away from work, and even surgery. Use UPPO to give your wrist the healthy, comforting support it needs. The pillow slides easily under your wrist as you move your mouse or switch to keyboard.
LYCRA MATERIAL with 82% Nylon and 18% Elastan. This feels soft and nice like wearing sports wear. The band slides on and off your hand easily. Breathable to avoid perspiration and odor. UPPO is machine washable and easy to care for.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Many people are stocking up with 2 or 3 UPPOs to have one at home, another at work, and a third to share with a friend. Also works as a great gaming wrist rest. This makes a thoughtful birthday gift, holiday present, or anniversary gift for anyone who spends a lot of time at their computer or laptop.


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